Agriturismo Santa Margherita is also an educational farm for children, with many workshops for schools.

The World of Bees
Children will learn about the fantastic world of bees, honey production and its organoleptic properties. The educational trail is geared towards getting to know bees, with a focus on the tools used by the beekeeper (educational beehive, suit, mask, gloves, smoker, swarm holder, frames, boxes, levers, wax sheets, propolis). Illustrated lesson from honey production to harvesting.
The Secrets of the Campaign
The workshop is designed so that children can rediscover themselves as an integral part of nature through direct contact and learn about the balances that regulate agro-systems through play, observation and accommodation of the senses.
They will be able to learn about the rhythms and cycles of the countryside and the importance of the Mediterranean diet, environmental protection through playful activities related to knowledge of the land and respect for nature, and develop a sense of aesthetics by increasing self-knowledge in their relationship with the outside world.
The aim is to educate respect for the environment through the sharing of sustainable lifestyles. Possibility of guided walks within our company.
At school in the garden with the farmer
Learn to recognise the smells, tastes and aromas of nature (aromatherapy and taste therapy workshops). The children will plant seedlings in the vegetable garden with us and discover the world of composting with our educators, with a stop in the natural fertilisation area.
With hands in the dough
Following the old traditional recipes handed down by grandmother Angela, the children will make 'old-fashioned biscuits': cudduredde, 'ntrizze, niuretti and 'nuzudde. Which will be baked and... devoured!
Olive trees, olives and their transformations
The children will learn about olive trees, traditional cultivation methods, cold pressing and processing into oil. It will be shown how olives can also be used in other preservations. There will be a lesson-game on the further uses of the harvested olives: alive a mmoddu, alive in suppressu, alive scacciate, passuluni and finally the making of good homemade soap.
The art of clay
Through play and meeting a ceramist, this activity aims to promote knowledge of an art typical of our area (Patti, land of ceramics), and by stimulating creative flair, the children will be helped to make decorations on terracotta objects. From this workshop, the children will develop remarkable creative skills and give free rein to their imagination.
For the Taste of Culrura and the Flavours of Nature
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