Dinner 2023 with Live Music and Fireworks

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Grand Dinner with Live Music and Fireworks at Agriturismo Santa Margherita! Christmas Gift in your room...Don't miss it!

Experience the Magic: A Night of Live Music and Fireworks at the Agriturismo Santa Margherita

Nestled in the picturesque heart of the Sicilian countryside, Agriturismo Santa Margherita invites you to an evening of unparalleled joy and festivity. Our exclusive event, 'Grand Dinner with Live Music and Fireworks', offers a perfect fusion of traditional gastronomy, high-class entertainment and a breathtaking fireworks display.

A Gastronomic Paradise: Traditional Italian Dinner

The evening begins with a culinary experience that celebrates authentic Sicilian flavours. Our chef offers an exclusive menu, ranging from classic regional dishes to innovative creations. Each course is carefully paired with selected wines from the best local wineries.

Flavours and Aromas that Enchant

  • Exquisite starters: Enjoy a variety of starters, including artisan cheeses, smoked meats and delicious bruschetta.
  • Refined First Courses: Let yourself be tempted by our first courses, such as creamy risottos and homemade pasta, dressed with rich and tasty sauces.
  • Sublime Main Courses: Discover the intense flavours of our main courses, ranging from succulent steaks to the freshest fish, cooked to perfection.
  • Dream Sweets: End your gastronomic experience with decadent desserts, perfect to satisfy every gourmand's palate.

Live Music: A Symphony of Emotions

After dinner, the evening comes alive with performances by live musicians. Our artists are selected for their ability to create a magical atmosphere, playing a variety of genres ranging from classic jazz to Italian popular music.

Talented Artists Who Enchant

  • Elegant Jazz Bands: Be captivated by the persuasive rhythms of our jazz group, which will perform timeless classics.
  • Passionate SoloistsListen to the touching melodies of our soloists, who will bring the true essence of Italian music to the stage.
  • Folk groupsExperience tradition with local folk groups, which will help you discover the cultural roots of our land.

Fireworks Display: An Enchanting Finale

The highlight of the evening is the fireworks display. As the night is shrouded in stars, the sky lights up with a ballet of lights and colours, creating a dreamlike atmosphere that will remain etched in your heart.

An Enchanted Sky

  • Pyrotechnic ChoreographiesAdmire the choreographed pyrotechnics synchronised with music, a true spectacle for the eyes and soul.
  • Dazzling coloursBe amazed by the vibrant colours dancing in the sky, creating a living picture of ineffable beauty.

Christmas Gift in the Room: A Gift Designed for You

To make your experience even more special, each guest will receive a Christmas gift in their room. This exclusive thought is our way of thanking you for choosing to spend this magical evening with us.

Don't Miss This Unforgettable Evening

We look forward to seeing you at Agriturismo Santa Margherita for a night that promises to be a triumph of flavours, music and colours. Book now your place for 'Grand Dinner with Live Music and Fireworks' - an experience that will define your festive season.

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