Merry Christmas 2023: Dinner on the 24th at Agriturismo Santa Margherita

Merry Christmas 2023

Merry Christmas 2023: Dinner on the 24th at Agriturismo Santa Margherita and Tombola with the Main Prize a Week at the Agriturismo

The Farmhouse Santa Margherita is pleased to invite everyone to celebrate Christmas 2023 with a special evening combining the tradition of Christmas Eve dinner and the fun of a Christmas raffle. This year, our Christmas party promises to be an unforgettable experience, with an exceptional first prize: a week's stay at our beloved agritourism.

Christmas Eve Dinner: A Triumph of Flavours

Dinner on 24 December at Agriturismo Santa Margherita will be an opportunity to enjoy traditional Christmas dishes, prepared with love and dedication by our chefs. The menus will be a perfect balance of Christmas classics and culinary innovations, all made with fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced directly from our lands.

A Festive and Delicious Menu

  • Various starters: A selection of appetisers that will awaken your senses and prepare your palate for the dishes to come.
  • First Dishes: Warm and comforting dishes that reflect the richness of Italian cuisine.
  • Main Dishes: Meat, fish and vegetarian options, all prepared with refined techniques and elegantly presented.
  • Christmas Sweets: From traditional panettone to local pastries, a sweet conclusion to an unforgettable meal.

Christmas Bingo: Emotion and Fun

After dinner, the atmosphere will become even more festive with the start of the Christmas tombola. This traditional game, loved by adults and children alike, will be the perfect occasion to share laughter and joy together. The prizes of the tombola will be many and varied, but the most eagerly awaited is undoubtedly the first prize: a free week's stay at the Agriturismo Santa Margherita.

A Dream Prize

  • A week at Agriturismo Santa Margherita: The winner will have the opportunity to spend a week of relaxation and nature on our farm, enjoying everything we have to offer: comfort, quality gastronomy, breathtaking views and a warm welcome.

An Enchanted Atmosphere

Our dining room will be carefully decorated to reflect the spirit of Christmas, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. Christmas music, twinkling lights and typical decorations will complete the picture, turning the evening into a magical and unforgettable moment.

Book Your Christmas Experience

Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate Christmas 2023 in a unique and special way. Book your place for Dinner on the 24th at Agriturismo Santa Margherita and take part in our Christmas tombola. We are waiting for you to share the magic of Christmas together!

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